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Walter D. Pullen

A Logical Approach to the Science of the Path

Ray 5 of “Concrete Science” may appear less spiritual on first observation, when compared to the other Rays. However, when analyzed more carefully, it can be the key to achieving a mental orientation, dissipating glamour, and truly transitioning from mysticism to occultism. Let’s consider how a logical and scientific approach can be taken to better knowing the Path, and how the practical methods of Ray 5 can assist us in the “will to act” of following it.


Walter D. Pullen is a graduate of Morya Federation’s five year Quest Universal program. He is the author of “Evolution of the Spirit: Our Journey Through the Universe”, and “The Labyrinth Oracle: Cards for the Spiritual Path”. He also authored the freeware esoteric astrology software “Astrolog”, and the maze generation program “Daedalus”, the latter of which is a literal metaphor for the turns and choices of our spiritual “Path”. He and his wife Jessica live in Edmonds, Washington.

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