37th International Conference

Let the Radiant Temple of Humanity Be Built!

MAY 02 – 09, 2023 (Ceremonial & Pre-Conference Workshops)
MAY 10-14 (Main Conference)

Join us for the USR-SRI Annual Conference 2023!

For thirty-six consecutive years the University of the Seven Rays and the Seven Ray Institute have sponsored these conferences responding to the impulses by the Hierarchy related to the Era of Conferences, which is said to be the way of working at this time. We celebrate the great Ageless Wisdom and its salutary effect upon the upliftment and redemption of Humanity.  We look forward to sharing with you this Great Teaching during our upcoming spiritual event 2023!

“Let the Radiant Temple of Humanity Be Built”

We are living in a time of great promise as we approach the eve of the Aquarian Age coming into fuller fruition over the next 2500 years. Two rays will predominate during this Age ~ the 5th Ray of Science and the 7th Ray of “Ceremony, Order and Magic” thereby dramatically changing the face of our world. These Rays have already been influential in recent centuries, and are increasing in strength, influence and power with “every passing decade”. The magical powers of the seventh ray will manifest a civilization and spiritual cultures undreamt of even by humanity’s most far-sighted visionaries. It will be a joyous and fulfilling time. But first, we have a lot of work to do.

In this year’s conference, “Let the Radiant Temple of Humanity Be Built,” our focus will draw upon the gifts the 7th Ray will bring to build such world cultures and eventual civilization – through each and All. We will also focus on a deeper spiritual alignment with the Christ and body of Knowers Who comprise the spiritual Hierarchy upon our planet in these final years of preparation for the hierarchical 2025 centennial Conclave and Re-Appearance of the Christ – and our role in it.

Servers of humanity and students of spirituality have a great responsibility to shoulder as we pass through the challenging phase of transition and purification that we are now in as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is facing strong oppositional forces holding onto old world views and forms, corruption in politics and business gone wrong, selfish dictators holding onto power at any cost, the easy swaying of masses of people ignorant or suspicious of Truth, and the false pride and deeply ingrained beliefs that disable otherwise intelligent thinkers from true discrimination – opening the doors to susceptibility of lies and false information. In parallel, a new template of the future is simultaneously unfolding through the manifesting power of the 7th Ray coming into fuller form and influence, bringing with it renewing joy and wonder, beauty, justice, and the persuasion of universal spiritual energy drawing in unique Souls to inhabit a “new Earth”.

Aside from the “qualities” of the 7th Ray, we will also learn more about the powers of the 7th Ray – its organizing power, its power to manifest higher orders of living, the Soul purpose power of the 7th ray, the power of sacred ritual and ceremony in the life and world around us, and the powers of joy and magic when working with the Angelic kingdom as both ‘Angel and human’ express the creative urge to build a better world that is ‘good for all’ in the truth that we are One Humanity.

“There is no evading the process of ceremonial living. It is unconsciously recognised, blindly followed, and constitutes the great discipline of the rhythmic breathing of life itself. … Deity works with ritual and is subjected to the ceremonials of the universe. The seven rays come into activity and pass out again under the rhythmic and ritualistic impulse of the divine Life. Thus is the temple of the Lord built by the ceremonial of the Builders. Every kingdom in nature is subjected to ritualistic experience and to the ceremonials of cyclic expression. These only the initiate can comprehend. Every ant hill and every beehive is equally impelled by instinctive rituals and by rhythmic impulses. The new science of psychology could well be described as the science of the rituals and rhythms of the body, of the emotional nature and of the mental processes, or of those ceremonials (inherent, innate, or imposed by the self, by circumstances and by environment) which affect the mechanism through which the soul functions.” EP-I, 365/6

Building a radiant temple of humanity begins inward, with ourselves – the pattern and structure is inlaid, awaiting revelation.

As “soul desire” finds release, the best of what each has to offer begins with an earnest desire to ‘give’ and express our highest motivations. The path of return is creative and unique to every Soul, yet unified in common unity through the One Soul of Humanity.

Let us Be ‘one with’ the energy field of the Great Ones preparing for the next 100 year cycle. As we do, we will experience Their blessings of support, guiding wisdom, joyful encouragement and unseen yet potent intercedence in accord with spiritual Law. Together let us build the radiant temple of Humanity!

Join us.

2023 Conference

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