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The Seven Ray Institute was founded on September 9, 1985 to inform the public about a subject that had been virtually unheard of until the late 1800’s when H.P. Blavatsky hinted at the “rays” in The Secret Doctrine.  About thirty years later, Alice Bailey reintroduced the subject with much more than a hint.  She expanded their name to the Seven Rays, made mention of them in all twenty-four of her books. Alice wrote five of those books (A Treatise on the Seven Rays) with the express purpose of making them better understood and useful.  In one volume of this Treatise, she writes, “I wonder sometimes if … you realize the … importance of the teaching … (about) the seven rays as manifesting energies” (Esoteric Healing, p.583).  This was the impetus behind the founding of the Seven Ray Institute as an organization dedicated to learning about, teaching, and using the seven rays in everyday living.

The programs and aids below are available for learning about the seven rays, teaching and applying them:


  • The Annual International Conference, sponsored by the Seven Ray Institute in unison with the University of the Seven Rays, held each spring in the state of Arizona, USA.
  • The Personality Identity Profile, (PIP), designed as a psychological inventory to help a person arrive at an idea of how the seven rays work out in their individual make-up. Click here to access the PIP.
  • In the Store, you may request Astrology consultations, Rayological readings, or a combination of them both. Esoteric Astrology is a path, a way of life which, when combined with the seven rays, leads one to self knowledge.  Our consultants view Astrology as a healing journey while at the same time it is a calling to serve others.  Consultations are by appointment over the internet or by phone and are recorded at your request.  The consultants need your birth information (date, time and location); please supply this in the comment field when you check out, or email us at sevenrayinstitute@sevenray.org.   The consultation fee is $175.00/hour.
  • Also in the Store on this site you may purchase posters depicting and explaining each of the seven rays and posters for each of the twelve astrological signs.
  • Under the education tab, there is a selection of articles by thinkers and doers past and present. As well as links to the United Nations because we believe it to be one of the best vehicles we have for the realization of a better world for all people throughout the world.

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