Walter Pullen

Walter D. Pullen

Conference Presentations:

Focalizer: Seven Ray Seminar & Esoteric Astrology

Seven Ray Workshop: Ray-nbows in the Sky: A Consideration of Color in the T.A.R.A.

Esoteric Astrology: Time Travel – Arrangements and Expressions of Rhythmic Cyclicity in Esoteric Astrology

Main Conference: Cleaning House: Purification and Other Expressions of Divine Order

The concept of purification (what MDR sometimes quoted as “cleaning house”) is one of the most necessary things for us to do individually and collectively, in order to build and express the “Radiant Temple of Humanity”. Purification is not only the Buddha’s directive of “cease to do evil” that applies early on the Path, but it’s also a continual process in alignment with the Buddha’s directive of “learn to do well”. In this talk we’ll consider this and related Ray 7 concepts and rituals important to the Path.


Walter D. Pullen is a graduate of Morya Federation’s five year Quest Universal program. He is the author of “Evolution of the Spirit: Our Journey Through the Universe”, and “The Labyrinth Oracle: Cards for the Spiritual Path”. He also authored the freeware esoteric astrology software “Astrolog”, and the maze generation program “Daedalus”, the latter of which is a literal metaphor for the turns and choices of our spiritual “Path”. He and his wife Jessica live in Edmonds, Washington.

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