Walter Pullen

Walter D. Pullen

Conference Presentations:

Focalizer: Seven Ray Seminar & Esoteric Astrology

Seven Ray Seminar: The Highest Light Controls: Black Holes and Other Foolish Attempts to Speak About the “One About whom Naught May be Said”

Main Conference: The Passion of the Christ: An Appreciation of Love/Devotion

Ray 6 of “Love/Devotion” is sometimes looked down upon compared to other Rays, given it’s the Ray of unsacred planet Mars and the outgoing Piscean Age, and its correspondence with the illusory astral plane. However, it’s also the Ray of the Master Jesus, and it provides us with the aspiration, enthusiasm, and “will to cause” to actually follow the Path. Let’s get a feel for the Universal energy of desire and idealism, how we can refine and direct it, and realize that Christ’s initiatory journey is ultimately our journey too.


Walter D. Pullen is a graduate of Morya Federation’s five year Quest Universal program. He is the author of “Evolution of the Spirit: Our Journey Through the Universe”, and “The Labyrinth Oracle: Cards for the Spiritual Path”. He also authored the freeware esoteric astrology software “Astrolog”, and the maze generation program “Daedalus”, the latter of which is a literal metaphor for the turns and choices of our spiritual “Path”. He and his wife Jessica live in Edmonds, Washington.

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