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Main Conference Presentation: Spirit, Matter and Goodwill in Today’s World: Viewing the Opportunities and Challenges of this time Through a Seventh Ray Lens

Viewing the opportunities and challenges in todays chaotic and intense world through a seventh ray lens invites us to stand back from the usual ideological divides to see where seeds of goodwill are becoming anchored in the substance of the human. The seventh ray (with its accompanying glamours) is bringing a new relationship between Spirit and Matter, Organism and Organisation. The revelation of universality and wholeness is reaching into consciousness and preparing the ground for a new order and structure to life, to nations and to the world of nations.


STEVE NATION has been associated with the Lucis Trust, in various capacities, for over 50 years (holding positions in the London and New York offices for 30 years) with a particular interest in the work of World Goodwill. Now retired from the New York office, he continues to be involved in activities associated with the Trust; with projects in Darjeeling; and with Intuition in Service, the UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative, and the Spiritual Caucus at the United Nations.
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