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Rose Bates

Presentation: Alice Bailey History

We will review two first hand accounts from people who knew Alice Bailey. Raoul Willems shares his experience when he stayed with the Bailey’s in Tumbridge wells in 1936. He describes her process one day of taking dictation from the Tibetan, and a new technique Alice tried out involving clairvoyance and audio recording her dictation.

We will also review an interview of Rose Comito by Douglas Baker in 1980. Rose was a Co-worker and friend of Alice, she met her in 1943 and worked at headquarters as a volunteer for the Arcane School until 1949. Rose gives an intimate account of Alice, who she was as a person, and describes the first time Alice spoke the Great Invocation in June of 1945.


Rose Bates from an early age was attracted to the Ageless Wisdom in the form of ritual and study. She started this journey as a child in the Rosicrucian Order, being privileged to have an active role in mystical ritual. During the crisis of adolescence, she deeply immersed herself in the works of Alice Bailey thereby finding a wider world view with meaning and purpose to life. During this time she also engaged in an investigation of Theosophy, Esoteric Tarot and Qabalah. Rose wants to see active expression of Soul Life become manifest in groups and individuals, where it can transform both minds and, more importantly, Hearts (the living Abundance of Self). 

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