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Esoteric Astrology Presentation: The Zodiacal Meditations and Opposite Signs


PETER KUBASKA’s exposure to Buddhism started at age 7 (living in Japan age 6-10), with Yoga practice at age 9.  Studies continued through the Indian Schools of Philosophy and Zen Buddhism, and followed on to focus on Tibetan Buddhism in his teens forward.  His Root Guru is Dodrupchen Rinpoche, whose predecessor is mentioned by H.H. the Dalai Lama in his book Dzogchen; his mentors are Tulku Thondup and Gyatrul Rinpoche. 

A student of Theosophy from high school, and then of Alice Bailey since studying with astrologer Isabel Hickey of Boston (1967-80), Teaching Fellow in Astrology and Herbal Medicine at Goddard College (1970-74), Past President of the Theosophical Society in Boston (1993-98), he was fortunate to attend the first SRI Conference in Ridgewood NJ in 1987.  Peter has written seven books for prior SRI Conferences — Heliocosms and Esoteric Astrology: Spiral-Cyclic Motion Positions in the Astrological Chart;  The Venus [Heliocosm] Diary;  The Jupiter Key and Diary;  America: A Reference Archive of Foundational Events;  Destiny of the Nations Revisited Vol.1Mars Heliocosm; and “SevenSuns Primer on Esoteric Astrology” Transits.  kubaska7@yahoo.com

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