Olivia Hansen

Olivia Hansen

Presentation: Know Yourself: Discover the Seven Rays of Life Energies that Compose You!

So many people are “waking up” spiritually today to a World in Crisis and they want to help in some way.  But they don’t know where to begin or what they have to offer. They long to understand what is their life purpose and how they can best serve to help change the world for the better. Those are the questions that so many progressive speakers and leaders of consciousness hear.

There is a new Video I’ve completed with Justin Wilkinson called, “Know Yourself!  ~ Discover the Seven Rays of Life Energies that Compose You. ~ Learn about Your Unique Qualities, Talents, Strengths and Weakness to Achieve Your Greatest Fulfilment!”  ~ The Video presents the Seven Rays of Life pictorially in a beautiful flow of awe of the heavens, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Constellations – with teachings about the Seven Rays given in simple, clear and inspiring words by Michael Robbins, filmed a few years ago, and Heidi Rose Robbins, William Meader and Eva Smith .~  Aspiring people can “Discover Themselves” by learning about the Seven Rays of Life and then focusing on their own ray expressions and the Ray Quality of their Soul which gives great insight into their life purpose. Their Personality Ray indicates more possibilities for their field of service. And thus people can find insights to the answers they seek.

The “Intro to the Seven Rays of Life” Video will be premiered by Unity Earth to a very large public audience during World Unity Week, June 18-25, 2022.  Following that, the Video and a series of Seven Rays Teaching Videos with Eva Smith will be made available on The Spiritual Life TV Channel and The Morya Federation. During the Conference, I will share a Sneak Preview of part of the Video with you!

Alice Bailey made a point many years ago for simple and synthetic presentations to attract the awakening public into the field of esoteric wisdom.  She said: The field of esoteric truth is so large and varied that for many people it can be confusing and bewildering with the many types of knowledge.  We need simple synthetic presentations which give a clear picture and clear language of a subject to the public to evoke their interest and lead to a more earnest spiritual search. 

We are trying, Alice!


OLIVIA HANSEN is the President and Founder of both the Synthesis Foundation and the Spiritual Life TV Channel. She is a long-time teacher and life-long student of the Ageless Wisdom, focusing on the Trans-Himalayan teachings of Master Djwhal Khul, theosophy and a number of related streams of esoteric wisdom. Part of her life work is bridging the esoteric teachings to the awakening public. Olivia speaks on spiritual awareness, synthesis and practical wisdom for spiritual living.  She is a sponsor and curator of conferences and gatherings, and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group.

Through her Synthesis Foundation and other endeavors, Olivia advances wisdom teachings and initiatives to further spiritual consciousness, as well as projects for the well-being of humanity.  Her Spiritual Life TV Channel offers engaging videos that feature accessible and inspiring wisdom from many spiritual traditions. The videos show how a person can live a more spiritually fulfilled, happy life.

Olivia has been lead sponsor and collaborator on many Dalai Lama events including Kalachakra for World Peace in Washington DC and the Dalai Lama’s World Peace Talk at the US Capitol, as well as Dalai Lama events in Atlanta, Bloomington, Chicago, New York, Louisville, and Boulder, CO.  She travels widely and works with many spiritual teachers, progressive leaders and groups to help bring about growth of consciousness to create a more spiritual, beneficial world for all. www.SpiritualLifeTVChannel.com

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