Olivia Hansen

Olivia Hansen

Presentation: Building A Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Using Cognitive Science, Psychology and a Good Heart

The United States is terribly divided with people with conflicting views in separate camps opposing one another.  Families are divided.  The World is divided.  There are racial divides, religious divides, cultural divides, economic divides, and of course, political divides.  In the US, politics separates people into bitter battles of Divisive Parties — and Big Lies are deliberately told and retold.  The US Capitol is attacked by rioters in a shocking Insurrection. Conspiracy theories abound.  Facts and Truth have no consensus. There is an Alternate Reality.   And many good people are so dismayed and discouraged and wonder what can be done.  —  There is no Magical Answer.  But we will look to Science and the research into human understanding on how we change or don’t change, and what we can do with Good Hearts to make life better — by building a Bridge of Connection Over These Troubled Waters.


OLIVIA HANSEN is the President and Founder of both the Synthesis Foundation and the Spiritual Life TV Channel. She is a long-time teacher and life-long student of the Ageless Wisdom, focusing on the Trans-Himalayan teachings of Master Djwhal Khul, theosophy and a number of related streams of esoteric wisdom. Part of her life work is bridging the esoteric teachings to the awakening public. Olivia speaks on spiritual awareness, synthesis and practical wisdom for spiritual living.  She is a sponsor and curator of conferences and gatherings, and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group.

Through her Synthesis Foundation and other endeavors, Olivia advances wisdom teachings and initiatives to further spiritual consciousness, as well as projects for the well-being of humanity.  Her Spiritual Life TV Channel offers engaging videos that feature accessible and inspiring wisdom from many spiritual traditions. The videos show how a person can live a more spiritually fulfilled, happy life.

Olivia has been lead sponsor and collaborator on many Dalai Lama events including Kalachakra for World Peace in Washington DC and the Dalai Lama’s World Peace Talk at the US Capitol, as well as Dalai Lama events in Atlanta, Bloomington, Chicago, New York, Louisville, and Boulder, CO.  She collaborates with many spiritual teachers, progressive leaders and groups to help bring about growth of consciousness to create a more spiritual, beneficial world for all.  She travels widely.  www.SpiritualLifeTVChannel.com

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