Olivia Hansen

Olivia Hansen


Many spiritually oriented and progressive people sense or know there is a connectedness, unity and Oneness of Humanity and All Life. But the majority of our 8 billion brothers and sister in our Human Family do not accept this. Thus, our World is deeply divided in harmful and sometimes violent cleavages, conflicts and separations based on race, religion, politics, men vs women, rich vs poor, and nation vs nation.

Meanwhile, Quantum Physics is making breakthroughs in science that confirm the truth of Oneness on our Planet and in the Universe — and this fact is greatly challenging conventional thinking. Quantum Physicist David Bohm is one of the scientists who led the way, and he coined the word Holomovement. Today, all over the World, many visionary people, activists, organizations, community groups and non-profits have a sense of connectedness and are working to make a better World for everyone. But the progress has been painfully slow to gain traction, and there is so much still to do! So how can we “Ignite” the progress of recognizing Oneness and creating a better World for everyone?

I was one of seven hosts to a group of visionaries, evolutionary leaders and activists who were invited to a Holomovement Gathering in Sedona, AZ in March of this year to consider the question. The 77 leaders were encouraged to collaborate on ideas of what can be done collectively to uplevel the reality of Oneness. With their various networks, organizations and communities, they reflected on how we can build a base of committed partners to help take the Holomovement vision forward and speed the process. We heard from Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Ben Bowler, Steve Farrell, Stephen Dinan and other well-known leaders, and others you may not know as well. In my talk, I’ll share what came out of this potent Gathering. Later on, we will hold more Gatherings of various kinds so that cutting edge organizations and inspired individuals can come together and help create this movement of movements with groups of all kinds, working together to further Ignite the Holomovement of Oneness and make even greater progress.

Our recently published book, “The Holomovement: Embracing Our Collective Purpose to Unite Humanity,” offers the ideas of 50 visionary leaders. You can add your ideas and participate too! The Holomovement belongs to no one and is open to everyone! So let’s all work in all the ways we can to help bring people together — to encourage respect and kindness, and to love and uplift others! What are You already doing to unite people? What are Your new ideas? ~ We warmly welcome YOU to join the Holomovement of Oneness!


OLIVIA HANSEN is the President and Founder of both the Synthesis Foundation and the Spiritual Life TV Channel. She is a long-time student and teacher of the Ageless Wisdoms, focusing on the teachings of Master Djwhal Khul, theosophy and other related streams of esoteric wisdom. Olivia was President of the Denver Theosophical Society as well as a teacher of courses on the Alice Bailey books. Part of her life’s work is bridging the esoteric teachings to the awakening public. Olivia speaks on spiritual development, synthesis and practical wisdom for spiritual living. She is a sponsor and curator of conferences and gatherings, an advisor to several organizations, and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Group.

Through her Synthesis Foundation and other service work, Olivia advances initiatives for spiritual consciousness as well as humanitarian aid and development. Her Spiritual Life TV Channel offers engaging videos featuring inspiring wisdom from many spiritual traditions that show how a person can live a more spiritually fulfilled, happy life.

Olivia has been lead sponsor and collaborator on many Dalai Lama events including Kalachakra for World Peace in Washington DC and the Dalai Lama’s World Peace Talk at the US Capitol, as well as Dalai Lama events in Atlanta, Bloomington, Chicago, New York, Louisville, and Boulder, CO. She was honored by The Tibet Fund at its Gala in New York for her work for the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.

Olivia travels widely and works with many spiritual teachers and progressive leaders and groups to help bring about growth of consciousness for a more spiritual and beneficial world for everyone.

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