Lisa Love

Lisa Love

Visioning A Positive Future Through An Esoteric Understanding of Revelation and the “End Times”

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Today millions of people, including powerful and influential leaders, are looking for the “end times.” They are even consciously trying to make Armageddon and World War III occur. This talk busts open their decades-long agenda based upon their distorted understanding of the book of Revelation, while revealing Revelation’s true meaning from an esoteric perspective.


Dr. Lisa Love was raised Christian and has been a student of esoteric traditions for decades. As early as 2000, when she ran the Soul to Spirit website (once the Internet’s 3rd largest spirituality site), she warned how fundamentalist Christians were trying to “destroy the world to save it.” To counter this, she has since published a series of talks that “reveal” the true meaning of this sacred text and will share her insights. 

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