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Justin Wilkinson

Presentation: The Electric Bridge, Part IV

The Cosmic Bloodstream is the 4th episode in the Electric Bridge series from Monadic Media. This latest episode focuses on the pioneering work of plasma cosmologists and their revelations into the nature of space. As we are told in the Ageless Wisdom, space is an entity that is etheric in nature. The circulation of the blood in the human body is mirroring the movement of the vital forces emanating from the soul via the etheric body. When pondering the axiom, As Above, So Below, while also looking at the discoveries of electric fields and plasmoids in space, we see that all creation is connected by a huge intergalactic current or cosmic bloodstream. This episode will also look at the hidden qualities of water and its association with the ether. Given that 90% of our blood plasma is water and it is known that water has memory, a great clue can be discovered how the soul records its incarnations via an electric bridge.


Justin Wilkinson is a lifetime student of the Ageless Wisdom and has been working professionally in the world of video production for over a decade in Los Angeles. In that time, he has also created the YouTube channel Monadic Media, which has over 100 videos and accumulated over 10 million views since its launch in 2009. The purpose of the channel is to present the ageless wisdom through the new medium of multimedia, while utilizing the methods of color and sound to help awaken to intuition. His latest work includes the new series, The Electric Bridge and the Gateway of Liberation. Both of which will be presented at the 2020 USR conference.

Justin’s email: jxw8699@gmail.com

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/user/xavier8699

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