José Becerra

José Becerra

Presentation: The Great Invocation: A Fifth Ray Approach

The number 5 is encrypted in the Great Invocation. This invocation for Power and Light is comprised of 5 stanzas and 55 words on each side of the central phrase “God is known.” The letter S (a sinusoidal 5, and an inverted 2) is located at the heart (222th position) of its 443 letters.

The Fifth Ray, the Divine Intermediary of the Cosmic Mind (3,4 -5- 6,7), represents the cyclical (sinusoidal) nature of the Dispenser of Time, the Third Ray (the Lord of Space and Keeper of the Records).

As above, so below: in Space; as the past, so the future: in Time. This presentation will explore a time signature of the Great Invocation in the Cosmic Clock of Light (Uranus), Love (Neptune) and Power (Pluto) marking the history of humanity.

Workshop: Debunking Conspiracy Theories, a Fifth Ray Field of Service

As illustrated in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, appearances usually mask reality. The investigation of hidden chains of causation is at the heart of the exoteric and the esoteric scientific methods. Falsifiable hypotheses are tested against empirical facts and the most likely explanations are held to be true, until new facts replace them with more inclusive models of reality. Such was the case for the heliocentric paradigm replacing the geocentric model in the history of humanity.

Conspiracy theories, on the other hand, revert this progressive rational process by postulating non-falsifiable hypotheses reinforced by regressive circular reasoning. Both evidence against the conspiracy and an absence of evidence for it are re-interpreted as evidence of its validity. Therefore, the Technique of Light, so useful in dissipating glamour, is rendered useless.

This workshop will address the need, particularly in the esoteric community, to identify the core components of conspiracy theories, to ascertain the psychological profile predisposing its advocates to be trapped in a false belief system or cult, and to apply the Technique of Indifference as an effective tool in widening the rents of maya, letting in the light and devitalizing these EGREGORS so harmful to the responsible exercise of individual freedoms in a democratic society.

Workshop: The Sacred Geometry of the Temple of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)

Two female personifications of the United States are portrayed in the Statue of Liberty in New York and the Lady of Freedom, Columbia, in Washington, D.C.  Liberty is a figure representing America’s highest ideals of liberty and freedom. Columbia, on the other hand, has represented America’s concrete identity, more than its abstract ideals, as has been invoked for popular patriotic and political purposes, usually dressed in the stars and stripes.

This workshop will address the urban design of Washington, D.C., as a temple dedicated to honor Columbia, the Goddess of Freedom, standing on the dome of the US Capitol, at the very center of the city, as designed by visionary planner Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French army engineer who fought in the American Revolution.

More information: Esoteric geometry of the US capital


José Becerra, MD, MPH, FACPM.  Since his professional retirement, Dr. Becerra has become a full-time student of the four classical disciplines (Quadrivium) of number, geometry, music and cosmology applied to solve the problems of humanity. Since 1999, Dr. Becerra has devoted his esoteric work ( to the study and practice of Agni Yoga, having recently translated the book Introduction to Agni Yoga by Vicente Beltrán-Anglada  ( Dr. Becerra has worked along with the New Group of World Servers in the fields of government, medicine, international health and mathematical epidemiology (

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