José Becerra

José Becerra

Main Conference Presentation: The Science of Magic

Our emotions eagerly call for magical solutions to intractable problems. The illusory nature of this type of magic, driven by desire, is made evident by the wishful nature of such fantasy and the ensuing bitter disappointment, as the emotional mirage clashes with reality.

In contrast, real magic, driven by the spiritual will, is a science relating energy — all matter is energy — to consciousness. We are told in the book Glamour: A World Problem by AAB/DK, that “The presentation of material substance as essentially only a form of energy was as great a revelation as any given by the Christ or the Buddha… It related energy to force, form to life, and man to God and held the secret of transformation, transmutation, and transfiguration.”

The whole universe is an expression of energy. Consciousness holds the power to transform, to transmute and to transfigure the material world. The science of bridging the gap in consciousness between the spiritual and the material worlds is the promise of the New Age of Aquarius (Ray V) under the auspices of Promethean Uranus (Ray VII).

Scientific (white) magic is driven by the spiritual will of the practitioner’s Soul reflecting the higher Monadic purpose aligned with the Plan. This Plan calls for:
1) the recognition of the Kingdom of Shamballa and the imminent externalization of the Hierarchy;
2) the revelation of the Mother of the World, ruling the Deva Kingdom as the potential energy of creation; and
3) the service to Humanity through organized planetary Magic.

The magician must practice: 1) profound attentiveness, focusing the fiery intention, 2) serene expectancy or equipoise, calming the emotional waters, and 3) perfect adaptability in molding the etheric substance. The practice of organized planetary Magic, as in the Science of Triangles of Light and Goodwill, is a requirement of modern discipleship working in group formation to achieve the Aquarian goal of materializing the Plan.


José Becerra, MD, MPH, FACPM.  Since his professional retirement, Dr. Becerra has become a full-time student of the four classical disciplines (Quadrivium) of number, geometry, music and cosmology applied to solve the problems of humanity. Since 1999, Dr. Becerra has devoted his esoteric work ( to the study and practice of Agni Yoga, having recently translated the book Introduction to Agni Yoga by Vicente Beltrán-Anglada  ( Dr. Becerra has worked along with the New Group of World Servers in the fields of government, medicine, international health and mathematical epidemiology (

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