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Main Conference: The Meditator, the Artist and the Warrior

Collage by Joanna White Radiant Life Retreat, March 2022 with Heidi Rose Robbins

This presentation is designed to be contemplative/experiential….with writing prompts, short meditative experiences and sharing through the chat in response to questions and our own thoughts.

We as applied Esotericists are Meditators and know the value of meditation as a portal to peace, silence, concentration and eventual insights leading to wisdom. The quieter we become the more we are open to divine inspiration and even guidance.

As Esotericists, have we thought about the idea that we are all Artists….not just painters, sculptors, writers, musicians, etc but rather our day to day life is our Artistry. How we live, what we do, what gifts we bring and how we handle life’s challenges and opportunities. What is our own Art of Living?

Lastly, in these challenging times, we more than ever need to become Warriors, Spiritual Warriors….not the Mars-like warrior energy of the past….rather enlightened Warriors that can bring forth new ideas, new demonstrations of brotherhood and Goodwill.

This presentation will draw on the Ageless wisdom teachings of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, Master Morya, the Applied Buddhist tradition of Master Thich Nhat Hahn, and our own Michael Robbins and poet laureate, Heidi Rose Robbins.


Joanna White has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom for nearly four decades.  Professionally trained as a Special Educator working with severely aggressive Autistic adolescents in both classrooms and alternative wilderness programs. As a full-time volunteer, she, along with a small group of individuals founded a service based organization that offered four ‘hands-on projects’ including full-time hospice type care for the terminally ill; weekend respite care for children with developmental disabilities, mediation to resolve conflicts outside of the courts and a holistic program of health and wellness.  These services were offered free of charge, by volunteers without paid staff. The project had its basis in the teaching of the Master DK/AAB and was recognized as one of President Bush’s Thousand Points of Light. Additionally, Joanna is a professional fiber artist offering her hand-painted silk Art to Wear in fine galleries in the Southeast.

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