Jeff Hinshaw

Jeff Hinshaw

Focalizer: Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology Presentation: Jupiter & the Asteroids:  Awaken the Cosmic Healers in your Chart


Jeff Hinshaw is a soul-centered astrologer and tarot practitioner fusing together over 15 years of experience working with tarot, astrology, somatic embodiment and holistic healing. Jeff is most recently known as the host of the podcast Cosmic Cousins.  Released on every New and Full Moon, each episode facilitates a deeper connection to the Moon, the current astrological transits, and the greater world around you. Jeff is also well-known as the founder and creator of the Brooklyn Fools: Tarot Journey – a 22-week ritual gathering through the Major Arcana of the tarot.  Dubbed as a “radical tarot school” by National Geographic, the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey has been an active Tarot Community since 2014.  Jeff’s teachings of the tarot go hand-in-hand with their astrological practice.

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