David Hopper

Harold Moses

Presentation: Sonic Illumination

The enlightenment of humanity is a sound proposition. I invite you to consider some ideas regarding the role of music and singing in the coming age. Each day we have an opportunity to consciously participate in a scientifically-based spiritual expression of Locally Optimized Vibrational Entanglement. I long to hear the sweet sound of the Angelic chorus, ringing round the earth, singing with humanity in a world united by Harmony and Love.  Sing along and bring it on!


HG MOSES is the director of the Institute of Harmonic Science, a 501c3 educational organization in Phoenix, AZ dedicated to the physics and metaphysics of vibration. He is a member of the Mind-Body Department at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and a partner in Harmonic Research and Design, LLC – a company which develops devices which utilize Harmonics for health and wellness. Contact: hgmoses@gmail.com

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