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Freda Kemp is a long-time student of Ageless Wisdom studying with the Center for Esoteric Studies and an instructor and mentor with the Morya Federation since its inception. For the past five years she has been studying with Tetrada, Ashram School of the Four Rays of Aspect in Russia. She has written a short booklet– The Spiritualization of Money – A Great Spiritual Asset. Ms. Kemp spoke on this topic at the 2019 Conference and is back again in 2020.  She leads regular full moon meditations at her home in Toronto, Canada. Prior to her recent retirement she was a sponsorship and fundraising specialist with the City of Toronto.

Olga Pashinina is the executive director of the Ashram School of the Four Rays of the Attribute in Russia and the head of the Department of Universal Linguistics and the Department of Occult Science and Philosophy.

She leads the seminars on the Objective Hierarchical System of Spiritual Laws of Unity of Spirit and Matter.

She is the author of more than 40 works, including Fundamentals of Universal Lexicology, Fundamentals of Universal Lexicography, Dialectics of the Reading of Sacred Theological Texts, Universal Contextology, Sound in the Context of Ancient Indian Philosophy, Hermeneutics of Zoroastrian Texts, Hierarchical Systemicity of Meaning Structures in Music.

She is a Musicologist, a Ph.D. in History of Arts, a Senior lecturer of Moscow Pedagogical State University and Moscow State Institute of Culture, a specialist in musical acoustics and psychoacoustics, and a cultural project manager of the Russian Musical Union.

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