Francis Donald

Francis Donald

Conference Presentations:

Focalizer: Seven Ray Seminar & Esoteric Astrology

Seven Ray Workshop Presentations: The Rays in Relation to the Five-fold sheaths,
Planetary Rayology (Sun, Moon; the concept of veiling Vulcan, Neptune, Uranus)

Esoteric Astrology Presentation: A Wheel Turning Upon Itself- The Shifting roles of the Planetary Rulers.

Main Conference: Apollo’s Lyre and our Septenary Universe

Apollo, the Sun-god of ancient Greece, gifted His Son, Orpheus, with a lyre, whose seven notes
represent the creative energies that animate all existence, and which are sounded in every
Hierarchy, on every planet, by every kingdom in nature, and on every plane and subplane on
which life expresses itself.
In this talk we will explore the role of number, sound, and color as creative agencies in our
septenary solar system. DK says, “Vibration, or initial activity, light, or activity taking form and
animating form, sound the basis of differentiation and the source of the evolutionary process, and
colour the sevenfold differentiation—thus is the work carried on.” (TCF, p.329)


Francis Donald is a teacher, professional artist, musician, and a faculty member of the Morya
Federation. After decades of working as a professional musician and representational artist,
Francis turned to painting esoteric subjects, including a series on the astrological signs. His
artwork has appeared in numerous books and publications. He offers three ongoing monthly
webinars: 1) The Secret Doctrine, 2) The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and 3) A Treatise On
Cosmic Fire. All three are available through

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