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Elena Dramchini

Focalizer: Seven Ray Seminar

Seven Ray Seminar Presentation: Signatures of the 6th Ray; focus on 2 Disciples transferring from Ray 6 to Ray 2


ELENA DRAMCHINI has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom for 35 plus years with a primary focus on Astrology in all its levels of expression. Expanding her in-depth knowledge of esoteric astrology (the astrology of the Soul), she turned to specializing in the determination of achieved levels of Consciousness of an individual’s stage on the Path and where he/she stands in the Initiation process. The Tibetan Master DK’s instructions to His disciples in the two volume set, Discipleship in the New Age (DNA I-II), were her inspiration and provided a rich resource for her initial experimental work in these areas of study. In 2003, Michael Robbins offered her the opportunity to take her work on the DNA disciples further, which began a collaboration to deepen their understanding of these early disciples and the Path of Discipleship. Their work can be found on the Makara.us website. In 2013, Elena resumed this work and began offering an ongoing webinar series on the Tibetan’s disciples through the lens of esoteric Astrology, the Rays, the etheric centers, meditation, group work, stages on the path, the Initiatory process and the qualities to develop, and the obstacles and struggles to overcome that lead to true Soul victories and achievements when applying the wisdom teachings. The astro-rayological approach offers all modern students a comparative analysis for deepened study, scientific understanding and Soul unfoldment. Recordings of these webinars can be found here on Makara. Elena is a professional astrologer and a regular facilitator in the pre-conference Astrology Seminars for the annual international SRI/USR conferences in the U.S. She is also a faculty member and head of The Path courses in the Morya Federation Esoteric School of Meditation. After living 38 years in London, she moved to Slovakia, her country of birth where she continues her work and service. Email: ​ed17esoteric@hotmail.com

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