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Diana Warren Ph.D., M.A.

Sacred Ceremonial Presentation: The Role of Ceremony in a Shaman’s World

Rituals used by shamans facilitate access to dimensions of consciousness that are healing, transformational, mystic, powerful and supportive to a tribe and its people. An overview of rituals with personal examples conveys the importance of shamanic rites and practices that apply to all people as well as the indigenous people who carry their energy.


DIANA WARREN’S  experience includes University faculty positions teaching psychology, business, human development, aging and gerontology. She is Morya faculty and a Quest Universal student. She is certified in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type based on Carl Jung’s research, is a speaker and writer. As a Medicine Woman her credentials include Native American and Peruvian. She facilitates group education programs on occultism, consciousness, shamanism, and personal healing in the Phoenix, AZ area. Spiritual Strengths for Your Soul Journey is her latest publication.

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