David Hopper

David Hopper

Main Conference Presentation: The 7th Ray: A Vision for Humanity in the New Age

In considering the outgoing 6th Ray and incoming 7th Ray, I am moved by a line from Lord of the Rings from Amazon Prime:
“In the end, this shadow is but a small and passing thing. There is light and high beauty forever beyond its reach. Find the light and the shadow will not find you.”

Although the energies of Pisces and the 6th Ray energies of devotion and idealism are still with us, there is evidence and indicators that the 7th Ray is becoming more of a driving force in human activities. It will set the tone for the New Age and cause man to impose order or organization, and stimulate him with the spirit of universality and a tendency towards fusion. One of the main objectives of the 7th Ray is for individuals and groups to relate spirit and matter, substance and form together for creating a meaningful rhythm and synthesis on the physical plane. The expression of synthesis is evident in business, religion and politics. It produces the urge towards creating unity, and towards religious understanding and tolerance.

In this talk, we will explore how the 7th Ray is present and already setting the stage for humanity’s transformation by enabling right human relations through the energies of cooperation and goodwill as they work out through various group activities.


David E. Hopper began his studies of the Wisdom Teachings in 1980. He has found the teachings their combined wisdom provided an all inclusive understanding of universal principles handed down by great sages and teachers in the last several thousands of years. Since then, he has presented to groups expressing various forms of the Wisdom Teachings in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Russia. In 2009, he has completed esoteric studies with the Arcane School of the Lucis Trust from the teachings of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky.

Through the Lucis Trust, he has published articles on topics related to the Ageless Wisdom. Since 2014, he has published three books: “The Soul Source – A Primer for Living as a Soul”, “Subjective Influences of the 10 Seed (Service) Groups”, and “Glossary of Esoteric Thought”. The Soul Source provides a clear insight into the nature of the Soul and setting up a Spiritual Practice. The 10 Seed (Service) Groups provides an understanding on the primary groups, e.g. political, scientific, educational, religious, healing, and financial services that make up our civilization and their spiritual potential. The Glossary of Esoteric Thought is an excellent companion to understanding the complexities of esoteric terminology and studying the Trans-Himalayan Teachings. This book offers clear and succinct descriptions of some of the most often used and mis-understood words and phrases.

These three books, in paperback and digital form are available through his new website: Sacred Teachings. There are also many interesting esoterically related articles.

He currently serves as a faculty member for the Morya Federation: http://www.moryafederation.net, an online Esoteric school, and makes presentations at the annual Seven Ray Conference in Chandler, AZ. In the Spring of 2021 he completed a 6 month course on “Journey of the Soul”. It is available for free on www.makara.us.

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