Danijela Nestorovic

Danijela Nestorovic

Workshop: Bringing Sacredness into Everyday Life Through Ancient Egyptian Archetypes

When journeying in Egypt, everyday encounters and situations presented opportunities to express the sacred. Egyptian Deities offer their gifts when engaging with them. Energy flows from ancient Temples to and through our ordinary lives as we recognize the messengers and teachers in everyday situations. During the workshop, Danijela will share experiences that speak to these events, and will share visualization techniques to come into direct contact with these energies to gain insights and inspiration, and manifest in our (daily) lives expressions of the beautiful values and qualities of the 6th ray.


Danijela Nestorovic is a student, experiencer, grounder and transmitter of the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom while searching to create and implement new ways to bring sacredness into everyday life. Danijela has worked in the IT field for many years, surrounded by the influence of concrete science. Faithfully trusting in the outworking of the Plan, she participates with it by demonstrating in her immediate environment the coexistence and cooperation with seemingly contradictory energies and concepts. Outside of work, Danijela organizes and guides sacred journeys with the Egyptian Neteru (“Deities”), physically travelling to that sacred land. She also offers workshops in Belgium, the city in which she lives, as well as online. Egyptian poetic stories and ‘generous energies’ provide Danijela a vehicle through which she transmits the knowledge she has gathered throughout her many years of study.

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