BL Allison

BL Allison

Conference Presentations:

Focalizer: Seven Ray Seminar & Esoteric Astrology

Seven Ray Seminar: Dynamics of a Ray 2 & 6 Soul and Personality Ray combinations

Esoteric Astrology: Looking at Life through Rose Colored Glasses (Expressions of Devotion and Idealism in Disciples’ charts)


BL ALLISON is a retired Human Resources and Management Analyst who worked for the federal government for 38 years before retiring in 2012. She has been a student of the Alice Bailey books and Esoteric Astrology for over 20 years, and joined the faculty of the Morya Federation in 2010. She works with students in the Meditation Quest and Great Quest courses as well as the Path and Energy Quest Universal classes. She also facilitates a variety of Morya Federation student webinars, either hosting, co-hosting, or working behind the scenes.  Contact:

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