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Antonella Nobilio

Esoteric Astrology Pre-Conference: The System of Perspectives of Astrosophy

The different perspectives of astrological interpretation can be fixed and compared according to an integrated System of Relationships, clarifying and ordering the main points of view of the “reading of the signs of Heaven”: exoteric or esoteric, geocentric or heliocentric, tropical or sidereal.

Main Conference Presentation: The Sophia of the Divine Human Being

In living Symbols, Man is the Square in Form, crucified between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, and rises as a 5-pointed Star to express “Sophia”, the Wisdom at the Service of Love. This is the Golden Ratio between Personality and Soul, Earth and Venus, which resolves the dualism of the One and the Many through “the most beautiful of all bonds” (Plato-Timaeus). The supreme proportion between the fifth spiritual kingdom and the fourth human kingdom frees the power of Fire to unite Being and Becoming through Beauty, Truth and Goodness.


Antonella Nobilio will be the presenting on behalf of the Planetary System Project (TPS). She has been a researcher of Ageless Wisdom Teachings for the last 28 years, focusing on work of Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich.

Since 1991, Antonella has been part of an esoteric 3rd-7th Ray group currently organized as an international ‘system of systems’. This group works as a free Order that includes 49 functions and functionaries and is based on a hierarchical and harmonic model of nature. The research of this system focuses primarily on the formulation of methods to support the embodiment of the Divine Plan on our planet through study and application within the following disciplines: the Platonic Art of thinking, the Pythagorean science of harmonics applied to the Seven Rays, the science of Cycles, and the science of heliocentric and geocentric Astrology. https://blog-en.theplanetarysystem.org/

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