Antonella Nobilio

Antonella Nobilio

Conference Presentations:

Focalizer: Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology: Mars-Jupiter-Neptune Rhythm and Cycles

The rhythmic pulsations of the Solar Plexuses and Heart of our Solar System rule and teach the energy elevation from planetary and human plexus to planetary and human heart, from astral to buddhic plane, from individual to group consciousness. Their cyclic celestial geometries reveal the Sound or causal Purpose of their Relationship.

Main Conference: The Art of Thinking the Ideas

Man must “learn to think” in order to understand and comprehend the Beauty of the World of Ideas and to reveal its magical work of creation. We have to learn the science and art of thought in order to “formulate” the causes of the future events and forms.


Antonella Nobilio works as an esoteric astrologer and a creative video-maker (website: Pearls of Life).

She has been a researcher of Ageless Wisdom Teachings for the last 3 decades, focusing on work of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and Helena Roerich, and especially on Esoteric Astrology and the Science of Cycles.

Since 1991, Antonella has been part of an esoteric group organized as an international ‘System of systems’, based on a Seven Rays Model and 7×7 paradigm (see the online group project called The Planetary System in 4 languages (TPS: and the foundation text

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