Co-Presenters: Judy Harrison, Martha Gallahue, Andrea Ross

Conference Presentations:

Main Conference: Honing a 7th Ray Vehicle through Service, Study and Meditation

The members of the group, The Economy of the One Life through the UN Sustainable Development Goals, have been meeting weekly in an effort to support the building of the new culture and new civilization utilizing the energy of the 7th ray.

Aligned within the Ashram of Synthesis, rays 1-2-7, and working with devic and etheric substance, we have come together as a World Group in the building of a vehicle to bring light to substance in support of the Plan. The focus of this presentation will be to share the refinement and expanded expression of our meditative work and give voice to our recent group study on the 7th Ray.

Antonella Nobilio


The Economy of the One Life began 4 years ago to meditatively support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Currently we have evolved to become a coherent service group working under the Masters to bring spirit to the goals by utilizing the 7th Ray to permeate this blueprint. We work as a synthetic subjective group field in concert with the Deva of the United Nations. As occultist our aim is to serve the Plan and to share skill in action in light of the upcoming 2025 Conclave
Group Facilitators: Andrea Ross
Judy Harrison
Martha Gallahue

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