Co-Presenters: Judy Harrison, Martha Gallahue, Katherine Powers

Presentation: Using the 6th Ray Devotion to Serve a 7th Ray Emergence – A meditation service group for the United Nations

Three members of the group will discuss the experience of our group process in evolving a service meditation over 3 years toward a new Aquarian expression. There will be a brief review of the meditation components including purpose, personal responsibility and our work with the deva of the UN. The spiritual basis of the UN will be briefly explored along with our connection to the Ashram of Synthesis. Our receptivity to the higher correspondence of the17 SDGs has elevated our work to a new level which we are excited to share with the community. As a Group we identify becoming Causal by standing at the midway point to direct the energy of the Plan. Additionally, as we focus our collective economy of energy, force and substance to a rotating goal each week, we are purposefully exploring organizations that support the goal. Thus we are giving attention to new thought-forms of solution to anchor the energies. This anchoring supports a 7th ray expression.

Workshop: Becoming causal to the energy, force, and substance of the ONE ECONOMY

This workshop offers a practical experience in meditation toward transforming the material economy using the 17 SDGs as a fractal of the Plan. 

Participants will learn about a new position of becoming Causal in alignment for service. Then the group will experience the complete meditation (described in the Presentation), followed by time for impressions and discussion. 

Antonella Nobilio


The group began 3 years ago to support the United Nations Sustainable Goals, inspired by a presentation at the SRI conference in May 2019.  Originally based on Master DK’s money meditation, we have evolved to be a more causal service vehicle. Group members hail from 5 countries. Over time, we have developed a group field and see ourselves aligned with the Ashram of Synthesis.  

Currently our group uses its economy (energy, force, and substance) to act as co-creators for the new Aquarian Civilization by standing at the midway point evoking the substance of the Plan. We work in conjunction with the devas to distribute the subtle energies to the 17 sustainable goals and their intuited higher correspondence. We look to anchor the energies in concrete form by researching organizations and groups aligned with the prototypes of right sharing and right human relations. We work through shared leadership.

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