Mikhael StarCrow

Mikhael StarCrow

Presentation: Neo-Pharisees and a new Versailles: Psychological causes and the new digital age

Are we initiating the same core impediments that will again delay humanity’s rightful place within the Divine Plan? Does the 6th Ray yield peacefully to the advent of a new paradigm or does it cling desperately to the tattered remnants of decay?

History does not repeat… we repeat history…

This last year has been marred by the lack of right human relations, a continuing polarization and separation between classes of people and a withering of both the law and open, honest and rational discussion as well as free speech. Clear thinking, critical thought, free speech and unified soul consciousness is essential for the positive actualization of the next stage of the plan for humanity.

Have we forgotten that separativeness is the great heresy and that we must exemplify right human relations with all our brothers and sisters?

In my workshop I will analyze and express from lived experience my journey in the world of technology and the neo-elites that began as underdogs and have anointed themselves as the new rulers and oligarchy. Instead of looking at the effect I will examine the psychological cause of this rise and the blindness when it came to the corruptive energies that overtook many of the innovative 7th ray spaces. This examination to my mind will express and articulate a long standing historical fallacy that certain people are the self proclaimed chosen divine. More importantly I will express how this problem persists, because within the hyper segregation of today and yesterday, we have failed to examine our own reflections and fallen prey to externalizing our darkness onto the other. Unity is not a choice, it simply is. Order imposed by force, coercion and fear is to my mind the negative manifestation of the Aquarian light.

I will also touch on questions and topics such as:

  • Whether the soul can exist in artificial intelligence?
  • Advances in large scale illusion and mental manipulation technology.
  • In a future world where we alter and modify our own genetic code will we have a more direct or an obstructed connection with Hierarchy?
  • Will we have the ability to take the proper moral inventory of our actions and adequately purify the glamour and contamination within our minds and hearts?
  • Are we acting today from a heart in the head state or a solar plexus in the head state?
  • How so much of these societal and psychological patterns have played out throughout history and returned negative results.
  • Jesus/Christ’s conflict with the ruling class based on their violation of the highest laws.
  • The proliferation of black magic and some thoughts on its cause in basic psychological terms

Not all is lost and we have a multitude of solutions laid out before us through wisdom teachings and numerous Aquarian pioneers.  The initiation right now is a potent and important one and will likely set the practical tone for at least another 1000 years.  I will include solutions in this workshop. In times of crisis we are asked what have we really learned from our living journey. 

Let us explore this together.


Mikhael StarCrow is an Observer, Heart Connector, Futurist, Technologist, Student of Economics, Student of Soul consciousness and Student of human behavior. 7th Ray advocate and Bridge between the 6th and 7th Ray transfer of wisdom, authority and power.

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