Michael Stacy

Michael Stacy

Workshop: Thoughts on Ray V and Natural Laws

As we proceed through our incarnated lives, we find ourselves subject to various rules, regulations, and commands that have been created by humankind covering all facets of our daily activities. We probably have no conception of the requirements and penalties for the vast majority of these human rules and regulations. And yet, we are also subject to a hierarchy of spiritual laws, again, most of which we know little or nothing. In the outer world, we are told that ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it.’ How much more might this be applicable to natural laws? Might knowing and living these laws lead to greater service and freedom? In this interactive workshop environment, we will discuss and discover the nature of natural laws, their hierarchical structure, some of those laws specifically related to the number five, perhaps touching on the states of consciousness and astrological influences, and how we might live more in harmony with these laws while serving in a world undergoing great changes while preparing for the Age of Aquarius. We are told in Fiery World I, that “the realization of these laws alone will mitigate the malice of enmity.”


Graduate of the Morya Federation Quest Universal program; Mentor, Faculty Member, and Staff Member (currently on sabbatical researching natural laws). A student of Life for untold incarnations. Seeks to be useful to the Spiritual Hierarchy, particularly in the field of education, and in promoting an inclusive middle way between extremes. This is not neutrality, but a positive stand promoting liberty, freedom, and the opportunity for all to move forward on their own spiritual path.

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