Laurence Newey

Laurence Newey

Presentation: Science and the New Alchemy

A new era is upon us that will see scientific and technological procedures that shape and transmute living substance in line with the Divine Plan. They point towards the renaissance of alchemy in a new electric guise.  These discoveries include the transmutation of elements taking place in plasmas, the use of audible sound to control chemical reactions and the electrical control of cell and tissue growth in biological organisms. In materials science, the production of graphene, the first two-dimensional “wonder material” in which there is a “strong relationship” between light and matter has significant implications for the evolution of the life that informs the mineral kingdom. All these developments can be seen as part of an “initiatory cultural process” taking place on Earth to stimulate magnetic radiation in all kingdoms of nature. 

This presentation will be offered in a conversational style format between a triangle of colleagues and Q&A from the listening audience.


Laurence Newey is the Vice President of the Lucis Trust, an educational charity established by Alice A. Bailey and founded on the 24 books of Esoteric Philosophy published in her name. Laurence joined the Lucis Trust at an early age, and has a particular interest in the synthesizing nature of electricity as a foundational science for the coming age.

While his work is based at the London Headquarters Centre in Whitehall, Laurence enjoys spending his weekends in Central England having a strong affinity with the place in which he grew up.

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