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  • 1:15am ~ USR-SRI Board Members
    Gathering in the Conference Silent Meditation Space for Pre-Wesak Attunement
  • 2:00am ~ Tuija & Michael Robbins
    “Preparation for Wesak Meditation” – Exact Wesak at 3:31:22am GMT
  • 4:00am ~ LONG BREAK
  • 1:00pm – 4:15pm ~ Advancing Seven Ray Seminar Final (click here for details)

Wesak Festival Begins








2021 Main Conference: The Great Illuminator - The Brilliant Fifth Ray, Enlightening and Initiating Humanity

    The Wesak Festival Program is being held at 1:30am – 4:00am GMT on April 27, 2021
    We then have a break from 4:00am – 1:00pm GMT
     The Final part of the Advancing Ray Seminar begins at 1:00pm and concludes at 4:15pm GMT
    Following this we reconvene at 7:00pm GMT for the start of the Main Conference
  • WESAK Festival being held during the USR-SRI Online Conference 2021
    Exact Wesak at 3:31:22am GMT