Advancing Seven Ray Seminar (April 26)

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  • 12:30pm ~ Meeting opens
  • 12:45pm ~ Mikhael Crow
    Zoom tutorial (for those who need it)
  • 1:00pm ~ Michael D. Robbins
    Meditation: On What Level of Your Energy System Are You Working? How Do You Know? What is your access to higher vehicles to assist working out the conflict between the higher and lower chosen vehicles?
  • 2:30pm ~ Eva Smith
    Introductory Seven Ray Workshop (For Those Who Are New to the Rays)
  • 2:30pm ~ Interpretive Team
    (Breakout Rooms) The Levels of Our Ray Work Answers
  • 2:45pm ~ Michael Robbins & Interpretive Team
    Questions and Answers
  • 3:15pm ~ BREAK / Silent Meditation
  • 4:15pm ~ Eva Smith
    Solar Angels: Emissaries from Sirius
  • 5:05pm ~ Elena Dramchini
    The Astrology of the Fifth Ray Solar Angel
  • 5:55pm ~ Francis Donald
    Livingness Through Death: The Path that Leads to Beauty Rare
  • 6:45pm ~ Eva Smith
    Continuing – Introductory Seven Ray Workshop (For Those Who Are New to the Rays)
  • 6:45pm ~ Interpretive Team
    (Breakout Rooms) Focus upon the Solar Angel/Angel of the Presence
  • 7:50pm ~ Michael Robbins, Walter Pullen & Interpretive Team
    Anticipating the Spiritual Triad, the Monadic Expression and the Expression of the LIberated Monad Using the TARA
  • 8:50pm ~ Michael Robbins & Interpretive Team
    Questions and Answers Thus Far: Contrast Between the Egoic Lotus, the Spiritual Triad, the Normal Monad and the Liberated Monad. The Use of the TARA may be questionnaire.
  • 9:55pm ~ Michael D. Robbins
    Closing Meditation: Summary of the Centers of Consciousness within the Human Energy System

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Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 26 2021
  • Time: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

2021 Esoteric Astrology Workshop: The Solar Angel and Fifth Ray Potentials in Your Astrological Chart

  • Our Advancing Seven Ray Seminar will begin on Sunday, April 25th at a time which will attempt to accommodate as many global participants as possible. Know that, for the time being, we are offering our conferences virtually, we realize that programs which some can receive conveniently will not be convenient for others. We will do our best to accommodate as many participants as possible at reasonable hours. The Seminar will continue until April 27, Tuesday afternoon in the United States. A Master Schedule will soon be available citing the exact timing of various Pre-Conference and Main Conference offerings.

    Determining your ray chart with reasonable accuracy is so very important in the study of spiritual occultism and on the Paths of Discipleship and of Initiation. The matter is more complex and multi-layered that we may realize and mistakes are easily made—just as mistakes were made when the Tibetan asked the applicants to His various groups to estimate their major rays. He often had to correct their estimations and not a few, I am sure, found these corrections surprising.
    Yet, as we continue to ponder our lives in terms of their individuality and within the context of the groups with which we may be working, reasonable clarification does eventually arrive, and we find ourselves on a surer footing as we use the various ray-aligned meditations which are intended to assist us to tread that section of the Great Path on which we find ourselves.
    Most of the ray investigations undertaken by students focus upon the Ray of the Soul and the various Rays of the Personality. This is as it should be; first things first. But in order to grasp a more synthetic vision of our rays, the estimation cannot stop with the soul ray. The ninefold choice of rays for the spiritual triad and what I hypothesize as the dual monadic rays are extremely significant in the overall view, though it may take a number of incarnations to access them more completely.
    So, in our Advancing Seven Ray Seminar we will try together to think synthetically, of course emphasizing the practical approach first, but then extending our speculative, logical and intuitive reach into the higher strata of our energy system in order to help us live more effectively at a higher point of tension.
    When registering for this Seminar, you will be asked to give your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth.
    Further details will, as necessary, be given to you by SRI Conference Team, via your registration.

    If you have further questions please email us at
    We do look forward to working with you and increasing the understanding of the Seven Rays

    in the lives of all who participate in this seminar.

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