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  • 7:00pm ~ USR-SRI Board Members
    Gathering in the Silent Meditation Space for Main Conference Attunement
  • 7:15pm ~ Michael Robbins
    The Great Illuminator: The Brilliant Fifth Ray, Enlightening and Initiating Humanity
  • 8:50pm ~ Michael Robbins
    Meditation on the Great Illuminator

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 27 2021
  • Time: 3:00 pm - 6:20 pm

2021 Main Conference: The Great Illuminator - The Brilliant Fifth Ray, Enlightening and Initiating Humanity

    The Wesak Festival Program is being held at 1:30am – 4:00am GMT on April 27, 2021
    We then have a break from 4:00am – 1:00pm GMT
     The Final part of the Advancing Ray Seminar begins at 1:00pm and concludes at 4:15pm GMT
    Following this we reconvene at 7:00pm GMT for the start of the Main Conference
  • Every USR/SRI/Morya Federation Conference has a focus on a particular Ray–one of the Seven Rays which control so much within our solar system and local cosmos. This year our focus is upon the Fifth Ray of Science and Knowledge, represented on our planet by the most luminous of all the Ray Lords Who is given some of the most beautiful of all Names of all the Ray Lords. The association of this Ray Lord with the Earth’s Alter-Ego, Venus (the Planet of Love and Beauty),
    is clear and deeply significant.
    The Fifth Ray of Concrete Mind has figured prominently in the creation of the human kingdom (whether in Lemuria/Atlantis, the Moon-chain or the previous major solar system. We may reasonably judge that, at this time, the Personality Ray of Humanity, as a whole, is the fifth ray. That which most distinguishes Humanity from the Animal Kingdom is the power to be self-conscious (possess the Principle of ‘I-ness’) and to think consciously (to be aware that one is thinking). Without the reflective consciousness which the fifth ray confers, this would be impossible. It should also be mentioned that the fifth ray plays a prominent role in the expression of the Solar Angels, who guide and uplift the human kingdom towards their own high spiritual, angelic status.
    The bulk of evolving human beings will one day become Solar Angels.
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  • We are familiar with a certain approach to science which is mostly limited to dealing with the physical plane as if it were reality. The fifth ray, however, is really the Ray of Knowledge and instrumental in the spiritual advancement of humanity. The next great unfoldment of human consciousness concerns the soul within the causal body or egoic lotus. The fifth ray will be indispensable in arriving at a spiritually-scientific understanding of this aspect of the human being—the “Temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens”. Students of spiritual occultism, thus, go far more deeply into the nature of the fifth ray than will be possible at this time for even the very intelligent, scientist limited by a conventional view of reality.
    The forthcoming Age, the Age of Aquarius, will be strongly conditioned by the fifth ray as well as the seventh—the fifth ray being transmitted through Aquarius and the seventh ray accompanying the Aquarian Equinoctial Age through a parallel cycle. The wonders which await humanity and the planet once the Piscean Age and the reign of the sixth ray have subsided will depend greatly upon the wise expression of this great ray of Truth-in-Knowledge. During our forthcoming virtual conference, we will explore and speculate upon such possibilities.
    It must also be mentioned that the Great Science of Initiation is largely dependent for its development and expression within humanity upon the fifth ray and its Representative on our planet—the luminous Fifth Ray Lord. During the Conference, therefore, we will also study the Science of Initiation and the manner in which the fifth ray applies to the various ascending initiations—a fascinating subject.
    The Tibetan Teacher holds much hope for the effect of the fifth ray upon the welfare of humanity in the new age. This ray will be the bringer-of-leisure-time in which to cultivate humanity’s spiritual potentials. At the present time, it is often used destructively in relation to the creation of weaponry which threatens the very survival of the human race. With the increasing mastery of the great Science of Electricity (of which we know only the ABC’s today) will come modes of communication and a scientifically spiritual command of the human personality which presently is discussed more in the realm of science fiction than in serious scientific circles. Let us contribute to this beneficent eventuality through our deepening understanding of the fifth functioning on the many planes of human endeavor.
    We must also mention the relation of the fifth ray to the totalitarian rebellions now in process throughout humanity and especially in the United States. There is a Crisis of Belief which is partially to blame—millions of inadequately educated human beings do not know what to believe.  It is the Science of the Inner Worlds which must contribute to the steadying of their consciousness so that they become capable of critical thinking and the apprehension of true knowledge instead of wild conspiracy theories unhinged to truth. The illumination of the mass consciousness is the province of the fifth ray and its light must immediately respond to a very dangerous psychological situation based upon glamour, illusion and resultant, chaotic maya on the physical plane. Perhaps at Conference we can deepen our understanding of how to reach the many who are basing their violent reactions upon false premises and unsound ‘knowledge’.
    Because of the Covid-19 crisis, now so severely affecting humanity and especially the United States, our Conference will be presented virtually as it was last year—very successfully, we might add. The Conference will be extensive as usual, with Pre-Conferences in the Ceremonial Arts, Esoteric Astrology and Rayology, followed by the usual six days of the Main Conference from Tuesday, April 27th through half of Sunday, May 2nd.
    Our Pre-Conference begins with our Ceremonial Workshop led by Tuija Robbins, from Tuesday April 20th through Thursday, April 22nd. On Friday, April 23rd, our Esoteric Astrology Workshop begins (guided by an international team of fine esoteric astrologers) and will be focusing on the Fifth Ray, and its potentials, in your astrological chart. (Regardless of our Ray Chart, we all have all the rays, including the fifth.)  The astrology workshop lasts until the afternoon of Sunday April 25th; then comes our Advancing Seven-Ray Seminar, with the theme of this year’s workshop being a Synthetic Approach to understanding and applying the seven rays, to individual, group, national and international contexts. Interpretive methods found in The Destiny of the Nations will be explained and applied to all these contexts. Special attention will be given to drawing forth the ray energies of various nations and of humanity as a whole. Thus, we will continue our focus this year on cooperation and mutual assistance between the nations of the world—taking their ray and astrological gifts into consideration. Each of us lives in a nation and within a certain continent focusing through one of the present five planetary centers. We will learn the ways we can contribute to the emergence of the soul of our nation, helping to build its true Temple on the higher mental plane—a worthy enterprise and one to which our various individual gifts can and should be offered. We will also continue work on the fascinating subject of the Astrology of the Monad and of the Egoic Lotus (through which the soul expresses). There is much more to esoteric astrology than the astrology of the personality!
    Please study our SRI/USR Website  with care and go also to our Morya Federation Website to gain an even more expansive idea of the esoteric educational opportunities we offer through deep and comprehensive programs. If we really want to help the Divine Plan become a reality on Earth, we have to train ourselves to work in cooperation with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. Fortunately, at this time history, this type of training is gloriously possible for those who dare and who persist in their daring.
    All of us on the Board of the University of the Seven Rays and Seven Ray Institute and on the Faculty and Administration of the Morya Federation look forward to seeing you, again virtually this year. From last year’s virtual experience, we have learned that there are many spiritual values expressed through our Virtual Conference which excel the normal, in-person type of Conference.
    We look forward to a deep and spiritually satisfying experience for you and with you.

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