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Tania Belfort is an educator, Buddhist, and theosophist, proactive in ecological, social, and other movements promoting world peace. She is a scholar and disciple of the great instructors of humanity, including Ven. XIV Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso. She also cooperates with the initiatives of the United Nations and peace efforts on the planet and is at the service of Lord Christ and the Buddhas. She is a teacher at Morya Federation and coordinates important meditation programs in Bahia. Dedicating a large part of her time to translate and disseminate esoteric teachings through the Morya Brazil Federation, she also supports other related projects aimed at World Peace such as Culture of Peace and UN Sustainable Goals for the Planet.

Providing part of the teachings of Ancient Wisdom in Bahia and Brazil, she focuses on unifying through eclectic dialogues with various spiritual and ecological groups, coordinators, and staff of Integrative Practices and Non-Governmental Organizations. She is President of the Star of Peace Project, registered with the UN, having carried out an important socio-educational project in the Valéria neighborhood during 2001-2014. The success of this venture depended on the voluntary participation of excellent professionals from various areas of human knowledge, having received the Trophy for “Volunteer of the Year 2012” from the Salvador City Council.

She continues to maintain her engagement in actions involving social justice, the union of peoples, activism on networks, the practice of meditation, teachings on the spiritual journey, enlightenment programs to prepare humanity to face the New Aquarian Age, and contributing to similar groups when requested. She was recognized as an International Pacifist by the government of Kazakhstan in the capital Astana, during the first International Spiritual Congress in 2010.


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The Lord Maitreya-Buddha Nature and the Middle Beyond Extremes

Tania Belfort