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Robert J. Borel holds a B.A. in English (Univ. of Texas – Austin) and a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (John F. Kennedy Univ. – Pleasant Hill, CA).  In 1987, he worked with Dr. Michael Robbins and others in founding the University of the Seven Rays. Robert served as a member of the Board and the Religion Faculty.  He is currently an adjunct faculty member of the Morya Federation. Robert is a former Arcane School student and has taught the Ageless Wisdom for 5 decades.

Robert compiled Death: The Great Adventure (Lucis Publishing Company: NY, 1985), a compilation on conscious dying from the books of Alice Bailey.  His video trilogy by the same name is on YouTube. Robert also created Initiation: Fire From Heaven, a 900-page compilation on initiation from the Bailey books ( – Reference – “I” for “Initiation”).

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The Aquarian Christ: The Coming Avatar of Love

Robert Borel