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Harold Grandstaff Moses, PhDE is a composer, recording artist, harmonic theorist, and Director of The Institute of Harmonic Science - a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization established in 2000 and based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Harold has conducted many experiments investigating the ability of sound frequencies, chord progressions, and rhythmic patterns to influence the mind-body-spirit. Moses’ research with proprietary harmonic overtone arrays demonstrated their ability to favorably influence the parasympathetic nervous system while creating heightened states of relaxation.

Moses is a prolific composer of instrumental, orchestral, and vocal music. He also arranged and orchestrated all 16 of Micheal Robbins' Solar Fire Festival Ritual~Oratorios. Moses' choral works include the Sacred Geometer Canticles, Hymns for the Age of Great Change and Higher Vibrations Music™. His music, which elevates the spirit, sings to the mystery, the wonder, and the beauty of our vibrational Cosmos.


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Considering the Inner Chord

Harold Moses

10:50 am - 11:00 am

Introduction Solar Fire Ritual

Harold Moses