Dene Mason


Esoteric Astrology

Dene is an Australian astrologer with a practice that initially grew from studying Transformational Kinesiology with Grethe Fremming & Rolf Havsboel from Polaris International College in Denmark. Her approach is grounded in the belief that astrology is both a grounded and practical tool to help us embody the fullness of who we truly we are. She sees astrology as a dynamic means to integrate our complexities, unfold our better nature, and cooperate more fully with what’s inside and in front of us at any given time. She is a member of Heidi Rose Robbins’ astrology team and is based in beachy Newcastle, Australia with her husband and her not-in-fact-medium-sized rescue dog, Palo. Her ‘Big 3’ are a Pisces Sun, Pisces Rising and Aquarius Moon.


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Dene Mason