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DANA MARIE HOUSE is a quantum energy healer, musician, licensed massage therapist, and lifetime student of the Ancient Wisdom. She has been a healer and spiritual practitioner for many years, and now uses harmonic sounds to support her work with subtle energies. Her primary healing instruments are crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, tangas, rain sticks, and gongs. She gives crystal bowl concerts, conducts sound healing workshops, and utilizes sound in teaching meditation classes.

Her spiritual path has taken her into deep studies of the books by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan, Theosophy, training in various energy healing techniques, meditative traditions and quantum energy disciplines. Dana's background includes professional training in Reiki, Quantum Healing and intuitive counseling. More recently she has been gaining professional training in the use of Tibetan gongs. She works with quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments that have traditionally been used in contemplative practices to support healing, balance and well-being.


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