Caitlin Muelder


Esoteric Astrology

CAITLIN MUELDER (she/her) is a screenwriter, performer, and astrologer who bridges the Exoteric and the Esoteric Traditions, specializing in offering a post-modern, intersectional feminist, gender-fluid archetypal and psychological framing to Astrology. Related occult and esoteric interests include: West African Hoodoo-Voodoo, Pre-Christian & Pagan European, Indigenous North American; Cosmology and Mythology, as well as Astrophysics and Quantum Physics. With a background in academia and the fine arts, she received her MFA in Classical Theatre & Acting from the Old Globe MFA program, her BA in theatre from Knox College, and completed the Comedy/ Improv Program at UCB, LA. A life-long student of astrology, she was mentored by Heidi Rose Robbins, and studies the works of DK & Alice Bailey with the Lighted House School for Astrologers (founded by Meire Santos & Bruna Maia). Caitlin approaches all her work by bringing mirth and metaphor to the mundane as well as the metaphysical. She shares the same Sun, Moon, Rising as Robin Williams and Deborah Harry, and the sun and rising as George Orwell and Missy Elliot.


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