Bruna Maia


Esoteric Astrology

Bruna is a soul-centered astrologer fascinated by the intersection of Psychology, Astrology & Dreamwork. She is based out of Northern California with a full-time Astrology practice and is also part of the Heidi Rose Robbins' Team of Astrologers. Bruna is the Co-Founder of Lighted House, a new Psychological & Esoteric Astrology Academy launching in May 2024. Bruna's training background includes a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal & Depth Psychology, and certifications in Dream Tending, Embodied Imagination, and Trauma Studies. She is deeply connected to her Brazilian homeland offering Astrology readings in English and Portuguese. Her "Big 3" Astrological energies are Sun in Aries, Moon in Leo & Rising in Cancer.


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