34th International Conference

The New Group of World Servers:

Leading Humanity Towards Harmony, Beauty and Truth


Given the serious nature of COVID-19 expanding in the United States, the Board has decided to cancel our onsite Conference at the San Marcos Resort, Chandler, Arizona and TRANSFORM our Conference into an Online Event

Registration is open! We look forward to seeing you online!

Main Conference

The New Group of World Servers:
Leading Humanity Towards Harmony, Beauty and Truth

Tuesday, May 5 – Sunday, May 10, 2020

Dear Friends and Fellow Students of the Ageless Wisdom and Humanity,

We warmly invite you to attend our 34th International Conference in Chandler Arizona.

Every USR/SRI/Morya Federation Conference has a focus on a particular Ray–one of the Seven Rays which control so much within our solar system and local cosmos. This year our focus is upon the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, also called by the inspiring name, “The Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.”

The Fourth Ray is vitally important to humanity because it presently is the Ray of the Soul of the Human Race. Humanity is the “Middle Kingdom”, so to speak, and its task is to unite the three highest Kingdoms on the cosmic physical plane (the Kingdoms of the Soul, of Planetary Lives and Solar Lives) with the three lowest Kingdoms—the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms.

To stand at this midway point is most challenging for a Kingdom of Nature, the first impulse of which is to fight its apparent opponents. Only later does the intended goal of harmony supervene, however, if we think deeply, we shall realize that that time has now arrived and during the Age of Aquarius the spread of goodwill everywhere throughout the human race must bring about true cooperation in the human family and brotherhood/sisterhood such as our Earth has never before widely experienced.

A little less than a hundred years ago, following the great Centennial Conclave of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet in 1925, a new subjective spiritual organism was founded by the Spiritual Powers that be—the New Group of World Servers. Humanity had finally reached sufficient maturity for its more advanced souls to emerge in a truly loving, caring and intelligent manner in order to uplift the entire human race. Today that group composed of true world servers, many of them fine examples of great selflessness, is working vigorously to help raise humanity to its true potential along seven different lines of energy—lines which reflect the Seven Ray Ashrams of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

There are many lines of service which can engage the best efforts of this World Serving Group and according to each server’s experience and ray energies, so will be the service rendered. Many of those who attend our Conferences are members of the New Group of World Servers whether or not they are immediately conscious of that fact.

Although the members of the New Group of World Servers serve on all the Seven Rays, the Group is ruled principally by the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict and the light-bearing zodiacal sign Taurus. Before long there will be many disciples whose soul ray is the Fourth Ray. From the year 2025 and following, a great influx of such souls will be found upon this Ray and they come to help the cause of World Peace, helping humanity symbolically beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. We can expect that under Aquarian influences and the beneficent work of the Fourth Ray, humanity will study war no more and true cooperation between nations and their peoples will result. This is one of the great goals to be achieved in the Age of the “Water Bearer”—Aquarius—dispensing to all human beings and even to all the lower kingdoms of nature the “Waters of Life”.

As students of the deeper things we have a great opportunity and responsibility, to learn how to strengthen the hands of the New Group of World Servers and, when the spirit of loving sacrifice is strong enough in our heart and mind, to join their ranks. We hope and trust that our upcoming Conference will familiarize everyone far more deeply regarding the World Servers and the period of their expansion and strengthening in which we are living.

The Fourth Ray is also the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art, and a New Renaissance is on its way, the Tibetan Teacher informs us. Expression through the arts will arise to undreamt of heights—the music unlike anything we have experienced before and the buildings of the future destined to make the great cathedrals of the Middle Ages appear as children’s building blocks. The date of the beginning of this Renaissance is not yet given, but it cannot be far away, and in honor of the Beauty which is waiting, ready to descend, we will celebrate the various arts at our Conference and enhance still further the aesthetic experience we always try to offer our participants. Our composers, painters, architects, dancers, singers etc. will emerge and the waves of Beauty they generate will transport us to higher realizations.

Sacred Ceremonial Workshop

Tuesday, April 28 – Thursday, April 30, 2020

We warmly invite you to our Ceremonial Workshop during the USR/SRI/Morya Federation Pre-Conference. We begin the Workshop on Tuesday, April, 28th at 10:02 AM in the Ceremonial Room on the second floor of the San Marcos Resort. We offer a three day experience in the Workshop and many more days of esoteric support for the Conference by invoking the Deva Kingdom to our aid.

The Title of this year’s Ceremonial Workshop fits well with the overall Conference Theme:

The New Group of World Servers: Leading Humanity Towards Harmony, Beauty and Truth.

The 2020 Ceremonial Workshop Title is:

The Destined Harmony, Beauty and Truth Uniting the Angel and Human Kingdoms

Our Conference this year focuses on the Fourth Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art (of Harmony Through Conflict) This is a Ray intimately related to both the Deva/Angel Kingdom and the Human Kingdom and is instrumental in bringing harmony between them. We shall concentrate on evoking that harmony which is so necessary in promoting a world in which right relations exist.

Some of the subjects for meditation and study will be as follows:

  1. Humanity and the Devas—Parallel Kingdoms.
  2. The Deva Kingdom’s gift to Humanity and Humanity’s gifts to the Deva Kingdom.
  3. The nature and function of diverse Angel Hierarchies
  4. Human and Deva Relations on the astral, buddhic and monadic planes.
  5. Angels/Devas in various Great Mythologies
  6. The various Rays which the Angel Kingdom and the Human Kingdom represent.
  7. Ceremonies as a means of promoting cooperation between the Angel and Human Kingdoms.
  8. The Devas/Angels working with various of the Masters of the Wisdom.
  9. Angels as representatives of Wisdom and Humans as representatives of Love.
  10. The coming Great Renaissance and the role of the Angel/Deva Kingdom in that Renaissance.
  11. All this, and more.

Every Year the participants in the Conference Ceremonial Workshop play a deeply significant role (a subjective role) in the Work of the Conference. This year will be no exception. Often behind the scenes, the Ceremonial Class prepares and sustains a deep spiritual atmosphere for the other participants and for all those to whom the Conference is Broadcast or Webinar.

We warmly invite you to participate in this deep service and learning experience and look forward and to your joining of the Ceremonial Workshop for 2020.

Love and Many Blessings,

Tuija Robbins, Vice President of the Morya Federation and Director of Ceremonial Arts

Morya Federation Faculty/Administration Day

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 2-8 PM

More information coming soon.

Esoteric Astrology Workshop

Harmonizing the Conflicts in your Astrological Chart

Friday, May 1 – Sunday, May 3, 2020

We warmly invite you to attend our Esoteric Astrology Workshop which for many years has been a traditional part of our USR/SRI Pre-Conference. Our subject is the great Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, also called the Ray of Harmony, Beauty and Art.

The Fourth Ray is intimately related to Humanity as its soul ray and to every human being. The Fourth Kingdom of Nature, the “Human Kingdom”  has been a ’warring kingdom” ever in search of an elusive peace and cooperation. Now, as the new Science of Esoteric Psychology (with its cognate sciences, Esoteric Astrology, Rayology and the Science of the Force Centers) begins to emerge into prominence, that long awaited goal becomes more possible of achievement.

Every one of us has conflicts in our incarnational life, which for most of us (after much struggle) has become the Life of Aspiration or the Life of Discipleship. Our usual conflicts drain our energy and usually render us less effective in supporting that portion of the Divine Plane we could otherwise assist. If we can harmonize our energy-draining conflicts, we will liberate for positive purposes energies which have long been trapped in fruitless contention.

Our astrological chart (in conjunction with our ray chart) reveals the nature of some of the worst conflicts which assail us, but also provides hints regarding the manner in which these conflicts can be resolved or rendered far more harmonious under the Eye of the Soul. During our Esoteric Astrology Workshop (from Friday, May 1st into the afternoon of Sunday, May 3rd,) we will carefully study our charts under the guidance of expert esoteric astrologers, so we can create a Program for the harmonization of the energies in our Energy System, thus liberating energy for the advancement of the Divine Plan.

An honest look at the tensions in our present incarnation, will reveal the most urgent conflicts to be resolved. We will also “take the hint” from the astrological chart and work on discovering the best methods of resolution. Perhaps we will feel a new degree of freedom through such methods and new possibilities to contact the intuition will appear, broadening our consciousness and lifting us into the cosmic ethers where, as souls, we can really begin to live the spiritually impersonal life through pure reason and straight knowledge.

The new Science of Esoteric Psychology is principally ruled by the Fourth Ray and so, with the Festival Week of the New Group of World Servers just celebrated during the Christmas Season of 2019, we will be in an excellent position to join with renewed vigor the ranks of this Serving Group if we are not already subjective members.

With our approximately three days together and under the guidance of our Esoteric Astrological Team, I do believe much self-knowledge and skill-in-action will come to you and you will be liberated into a deeper, esoteric astrological understanding of your chart with the result that the level of your discipleship service will also deepen.

Seven Ray Workshop

Running the Gamut:
Your Rays from Top to Bottom and from Bottom to Top

Sunday, May 3rd – Tuesday, May 5th

We warmly invite you to this year’s Pre-Conference Seven Ray Workshop. Our ray focus this year is upon the Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict, the Ray of Harmony Beauty and Art. This Ray is, above all, Humanity’s Ray; Humanity presently has a Fourth Ray Soul and expresses as the FOURTH KINGDOM OF NATURE.

We thought is would be a good idea this year for each attendee at the Ray Workshop to take and utilize PIP3 for a fresh look at their entire Ray Chart, from the physical body to the Monad. Such a comprehensive view of the energies of one’s Energy System can be very helpful in moving forward upon the Paths of Discipleship and Initiation.

A new and ultra-comprehensive Ray Test, the TARA (Transpersonal Astro-Rayological Analysis) is on its way. Perhaps it will be completed by this coming Pre-Conference, or shortly afterwards. The TARA Process will help many people look at their higher rays and the combinations resulting from such rays and the astrological factors which are found in their horoscope during this incarnation.

So, it is time to re-examine our ray chart to see whether our ideas have changed and to try to understand what the entire chart may express—rays of the spiritual triad and of the Monad as well as the soul ray, and the various personality rays.

We think this approach will add significantly to your progress as a disciple heading for the Path of Initiation. We will keep you informed and make sure you have the opportunity to take PIP3 and, if we can be ready with it, the TARA as well.

The Running the Gamut Workshop will begin on Sunday night, May 3rd and last until the early afternoon of Tuesday, May 5th the day the Main Conference opens. We know the Conference is demanding spiritually and intellectually, but perhaps it is one of the events which will help with a deeper understanding of your nature, esoterically considered.

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